The purpose of the Personal Protective Equipment Policies is to protect the employees of Rocklands Centre from exposure to work place hazards and minimise the risk of injury through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • •  Covid screening station at entrance – each visitor has to be screened
  • •  All visitors have to wear masks – no mask no entry
  • •  All staff are equipped with PPE.
    • •  Catering: Hair nets, aprons, safety shoes, face masks, trousers and shirts.
    • •  Housekeeping: Face masks, eye protection, safety shoes, trousers and shirts.
    • •  Maintenance: Face masks, eye protection, safety shoes, trousers and shirts
  • •  When preparing, cooking or serving food all catering staff wash their hands every 5 minutes as per health and safety regulations. A timer with an alarm is used as a reminder to sanitize and wash hands regularly
  • •  Anti-bacterial dish soap is used in the main scullery area, changing of the washing up water may also be changed at camp leaders’ discretion.
  • •  Kitchen bins are emptied and cleaned daily.
  • •  Kitchen floor is swept and mopped after each meal.
  • •  A bottle of Anti-bacterial soap is in each chalet – please bring along your own hand drying towel as this is not supplied. Should there not be a bottle of soap in your chalet please let your host know.
  • •  We have a number of hand sanitizer units on our campsite which are available for camper use.
  • •  Our Sani-bins are serviced every second week, this is done by an external company.
  • •  Public bins are emptied and washed on a regular basis – garbage is taken to designated contained garbage area and this is collected by the council once a week.

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